Why is it Important for Your Home to be Properly Cleaned on a Regular Basis Regardless!…

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Regardless if you or someone in your household suffers from asthma and respiratory problems, extreme allergies, sensitivities or other medical issues it is extremely important to have your residence properly cleaned quite frequently. 

See, many households ARE very likely to be unwittingly sharing their homes with some rather uninvited inhabitants that can cause some major health issues for it’s occupants, and guests alike. This is especially true for those with asthma and sensitive allergies. Household dust is in EVERY home to varying degrees; and that dust contains a mixture of many substances which differs from home to home dependent upon each home’s environmental surroundings and other variables and factors.

Depending on the home, the dust itself and hidden “dust bunnies” may contain a blend of many materials and substances including: pet dander, human skin particles, food particles, dust mites, bacterias, fabric fibers, pollen and mold spores, parts of cockroaches and other bugs, and other debris.  Although, dust mites, cockroaches, animal dander & mold spores are the most common substances within household dust that induces allergic reactions and potential medical emergencies for the inhabitants of the particular home; as well as their guests.

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According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology there can be as much as 19,000 dust mites in one single GRAM of house dust, having an upwards of 500 LIVING within that one gram.  Each of the living mites has a lifespan of 30 days, and can produce almost 20 fragments of waste every day.  Although they cannot be seen; literally, hundreds of thousands of dust mites are likely to be living in your carpets, furnishings mattresses, bedding, curtains and ANY other upholsters and fabrics within your home and can cause big problems for those inhabiting– or even visiting the home.

Now imagine how many dust mites alone can be living within the 40 pounds of dust that an average 6 room home collects throughout the year?  That’s a whole lot of dust mites; and a pretty nasty thought.  But dust mites are not the only culprits accumulated within household dust that can irritate (or even cause) medical problems.  For asthma and allergy sufferers, the full bloom of the allergy and Spring season can be a brutal and potentially unhealthy time, as their living environments could be compromising their health and quality of life.
Seasonal and regional pollens, molds, organisms, and other irritating environmental debris likely accumulates within the living environment creating dust, and can quickly render a home inhabitable for certain occupants.

As a household with loved ones with sensitive medical issues and special needs, our family must take special measures to ensure our living environment is healthy.  One of them is ensuring that our home is cleaned often, and is as free as possible of household dust. We accomplish this by committing to a monthly DEEP Custom Cleaning service that’s performed by a local Independent Cleaning Professional who custom-tailors each cleaning service to our specific cleaning needs and circumstances.  Additionally, we created and implement a structured family cleaning routine twice a week to help maintain a clean and healthy environment.

But, there are many households who’s occupants suffer from different medical issues preventing them from being able to physically perform the necessary tasks involved in a thorough house cleaning themselves. In these situations it may be best to hire a trusted and reputable local Cleaning Professional to handle such cleaning tasks.  But remember, not ALL Cleaning Professonials and Services are alike; many providers will NOT clean certain areas of the home, or will not accommodate special requests, or will not perform certain cleaning tasks that one would expect to be done in a cleaning service.

We were lucky to have found an experienced and flexible Independent Cleaning Professonal servicing the metro Tampa Bay, Florida area who performs a through custom house cleaning service EVERY TIME without cutting corners or just wiping down stuff in our home.  We’ve discovered that there are so many benefits in hiring an Independent Cleaning Professional over a bigbox maid/cleaning company including: their ability to give special attention to each client’s specific needs, it’s easier to build trust because the same person is servicing your home every time, they can devote the time needed to clean your home properly, they WILL clean your home to YOUR specifications or medical recommendations, they are usually flexible with scheduling and negotiable on their quoted service rates.  Whether you chose to hire an Independent Cleaning professional, a bigbox cleaning provider or just do all of the cleaning yourself– it very important for your home to be properly cleaned on a regular basis regardless.

Are you in the greater Tampa Bay area and looking for an experienced, high-quality Maid to provide cusom-tailored cleaning services on your home the way YOU WANT or NEED it done?  Or do you have specific cleaning requests that your current Maid isn’t willing to, or just simply cannot accommodate?   Seek out the Independent Cleaning Professionals at  J.D.I. Services, they will build you an individualized cleaning plan and service schedule based on YOUR specific cleaning needs, property, circumstances and budget. With a verified and loyal clientele base, and an 89% Word-of-Mouth referral rate… trust me, you won’t be disappointed!!


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